Thursday, 10 August 2017

27 July New dinghy, remodelled covers

It may seem we spend our days swanning around visiting the sights and going out for lunch but we do do boat jobs as well. Being in a marina means we are able to do the modifications we want to do on the RIB we bought in Mauritius. I remodelled the chaps, or protective cover, while we were in Mauritius but because we were using the boat every day we couldn't set aside three days needed to glue on a rubbing strake on the keel and velcro to the Hypalon to secure the chaps. Now we had the opportunity and set to work.
David's bad hand restricted what he could do, but we managed. He also fitted the wheels and transom brackets. The finishing touch was to add our boat name should it ever go 'missing' for identification. Someone once pointed out you could see who was not on their boat by the names on the dinghies ashore, ie tender to ….... Keeping this in mind we've put our name under the cover so we can prove it is ours should the need arise.

under seat storage

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