Tuesday, 27 June 2017

17 May Boddam island

laundry well
Whilst Jackster was safely anchored in the east side of the atoll we went in the dinghy to visit Boddam island on the south and west corner of the atoll. The distance is just over two miles and much easier to dodge the large coral bommies with a dinghy then with Jackster. Ralph and Carmen of catamaran Relax came with us.
Boddam was the island where the Salomon village was before the residents were moved to Mauritius. Today it is a collection of tumbling buildings, some wells with fresh water and the building closest to the jetty appropriated as a 'Yacht Club' by visiting cruisers. A sort of art gallery has developed as boats leave a country flag with their name or a decorated fishing float. We took a fishing float washed up on the beach, drew a world map and our route on it and hung it next to Camomile's British ensign which was hung there one year ago when Sue and Bill passed this way. Inside the club house there are chairs, a visitors book to sign and a lot of rubbish cruisers didn't want to carry which they must have thought other cruisers might like to have like empty jerry cans, and old sail. Outside on the wall there is an ATM and a handy phone.
Beyond the 'yacht club' we followed the tracks through the old coconut plantation meeting the natural residents who make this their home, the very large coconut eating Coconut crabs. We are told they live to 40 years, make nests in tree stumps and have claws so strong they can crack a coconut. As we walked through the abandoned buildings with trees growing through and around to the shell of the church we were attacked by clouds of mosquitoes.


yacht club

beach swing

coconut crab
Jackster woz 'ere

our art contribution

Ralph and Carmen, Relax


  1. Hey, did you get your route on a fishing buoy idea from Tahina? http://www.tahinaexpedition.com/2014/06/tahinas-sign-left-at-cocos.html

  2. Hi Frank, No, we didn't copy anyone and we didn't see your buoy when we were there. Great minds obviously think alike. Jacqui

  3. Mine was at Direction Island, Cocos Keeling - we went the southern route (Sunda Straight -> Cocos Keeling -> Rodrigues Island -> Mauritius). It's uncanny how similar looking your buoy is to mine.